Camp Escapades ~ Summer Fun for All 

Camp Escapades is PTN's famously fun and inclusive summer camp for children with developmental delays, disabilities, and medical conditions ranging from mild to significant. Camp Escapades is often the only option for families in the South Bay.  

What makes Camp Escapades so unique? 

  • Each camper has a volunteer "Buddy" to help him participate and make friends.
  • A medic and specially trained staff are on hand.  
  • Therapists design the activities, so a camper's fun builds abilities.
  • Siblings may attend, promoting family bonding and shared memories. 

We are striving to raise $104,000 in donations and sponsorships in order to keep camp affordable for our families. $1,000 per camper per week is needed to provide the multidisciplinary team of professionals and specially designed activities and equipment that creates unrestricted fun for our campers. Families pay only a fraction of this cost.  Every donation helps!

Camp Escapades is like Christmas...Actually better than Christmas.  ~ Olivia, 12 years old

At Camp Escapades Olivia’s days are filled with bike rides (adaptive bikes), pony rides, bounce houses, water play, a petting zoo and friends. Best of all, she is with her buddy, who Pediatric Therapy Network trained to help Olivia participate fully in activities and to facilitate friendships with other campers.

For those two weeks, she is the one at the family dinner table with all the stories and cool experiences to share. The confidence she builds at Camp Escapades bolsters her year-round. ~Susan, Olivia’s mom 

I saw something special when I observed camp staff and volunteers. They don't just breeze by when they greet my son in the morning, but wait for his response in this and every other interaction with him. They truly give him the sense of "being seen."  ~ Carrie, Sebastian’s mom

All of PTN relies on donations. Regional Centers, school districts, and insurance cover only some of the costs for individual therapy sessions as well as group programs, including our early intervention program for toddlers, Leaps & Bounds, and our social skills programs. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

Special thanks to Rolling Hills Country Day School:  Camp Escapades is hosted on the RHCDS campus, with some activities shared so typically developing children and our campers can learn from one another and just be kids together.

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We are grateful to our donors and fundraisers.

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